Aon MySuper dashboard

Aon MySuper dashboard

Use this dashboard to compare Aon MySuper with other MySuper products.

The dashboard has been calculated for a member having an account balance of $50,000.

The return and risk information shown below relate to a specific member age of the Aon MySuper investment option, selected by moving the age slider left or right.

Aon MySuper implements a lifecycle investment strategy which automatically adjusts to a more defensive investment mix as the member moves through their 'working week' towards retirement2. This is why the return, return target and investment risk level generally reduces as the age slider is moved to the right. See PDS reference guide Your investment options for more information on Aon MySuper.

Select your age

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Statement of fees and other costs1

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Return target2

We do not recommend an investment timeframe shorter than what is stated in the PDS.


The return target is a prediction and therefore can’t be guaranteed.

Return1, 2

Level of investment risk

We use the Standard Risk Measure to rate the level of risk. The risk rating shown here applies to the age you have selected. Over time the level of risk is designed to reduce as you get older because your investment mix will adjust gradually to a more defensive strategy.


Comparison between return target and return1, 2

Past returns are not a reliable indicator of future returns. Please note that the average return shown above is a cumulative average since inception for each year to 30 June. This measure may differ from other dashboards and moving averages for other products. The average return for the Aon MySuper product commenced on 1 July 2014, the start of the first full financial year after the product was launched. Please take this into consideration when using this figure to compare other products.The returns shown here do not take into account the member’s lifecycle asset allocation adjustments through time. The latest performance returns, adjusted for a member’s lifecycle journey, are available at

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