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Walking the tightrope: executive remuneration in the wake of the 2018 AGM season

27 Jun 2019  by   Michael Pinczewski

The 2018 AGM season was fraught with peril for listed companies in Australia. With the close of the Hayne Commission and rising public sentiment that executives are being grossly overpaid, the stage was set for one of the most vicious voting seasons in recent years. The number of ASX100 companies receiving a strike against their remuneration report was up three times on 2017, with several organisations receiving near-unprecedented against votes of more than 60%.

Recruiting Safe Commercial Drivers

07 May 2019  by   Stefan Hinrichsen

Commercial drivers - whether they drive a train, lorry, bus, ferry, delivery van or a forklift - are responsible for the safety of their passengers or cargo, and their vehicles. If you recruit drivers, you’ll undoubtedly check whether job candidates have the necessary driving skills and the required licences or certificates. You may even conduct medical and eyesight checks. But, can you be confident those individuals will drive safely?

Gender pay equity – Focus on the right metrics to find the right solution

07 May 2019  by   Michelle Watson

Does your organisation have a gender pay equity issue? Ask three people in the same organisation, and you may receive three different answers – ‘no’, ‘yes’, and ‘I don’t know’.

The Future of Hiring is About Collaboration Between Humans and Machines

02 May 2019  by   Stefan Hinrichsen

The three key criteria for successful talent assessment are: attractiveness for candidates, efficiency of the entire process and validity of the hiring decisions. In all three areas AI can generate significant advantages.

Should You Be Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Talent Assessments?

25 Feb 2019  by   Matti Jaakkola

When we think of artificial intelligence (AI), many of us will cast our minds forward a few hundred years, to a world where every function could be managed by a robotic machine. However, even today, organisations are already beginning to benefit from the tools that power artificial intelligence, particularly when it comes to recruitment and talent assessment.

Do Your Employee Benefits Stack Up?

26 Sep 2018  by   Haya Alomari

Whether you’re looking after a group of senior executives, on-the-ground retail staff or a remote customer service team, one factor remains consistent. Employee benefits are crucial. Benefits that resonate with top employees and embed them into your organisational culture? Even better.

2018 Aon Best Employer Insights

30 Jul 2018  by   Haya Alomari

Being named an “Aon Best Employer” is about much more than an office full of happy employees. Aon Best Employers enjoy sales growth that is six times higher than that of their counterparts, and staff turnover rates that are 33% lower. And this is just the beginning. The data is clear – employee engagement is a source of significant competitive advantage.  

Getting the formula right on psychometric assessments and candidate experience

04 Jul 2018  by   Caroline Pyszko

When designing a recruitment process talent acquisition teams face a common challenge: How to provide a great candidate experience while also getting the valuable data from psychometric assessments? Creating an efficient and effective process will improve the quality of hire, so how do you get the formula right?

The digital transformation blueprint

03 Apr 2018  by   Dr. John Chan

Our society has always been undergoing a state of change. However, with recent technological advances, the speed of change has drastically increased. It is clear that our society is rapidly undergoing a digital transformation and organisations must evolve and transform their organisations so they not only survive, but thrive in the digital environment. There are multiple paths to digitally transforming your organisation, but perhaps most importantly, is to have a digital transformation blueprint. This blueprint should outline the framework of how the organisation employ, manage, and reward their employees. This framework should provide a solid picture of the type of skills and capabilities required to drive your business forward.

Designing the employee experience: Measure, design, implement and repeat

12 Mar 2018  by   Tony Tran

Designing an optimal employee experience is critical in making sure your organisation not only attracts, develops and retains top talent, but that you can also compete in a highly competitive market. So, how do you go about measuring and then defining and refining your employee experience? We take a look at a tried and tested process to help your organisation succeed.