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Disrupting the salesforce: What HR needs to know

The past few decades have seen a dramatic disruption of longstanding business models in a whole range of industries. Advances in technology and the evolution of an increasingly global marketplace have created new business models and seen new global players emerge, while some have become obsolete or struggled to keep pace.

But how does this impact the salesforce – and what are the implications for HR?

Such rapid disruption is significantly impacting the role of the sales professional, challenging traditional views of how the salesforce is organised, optimised and motivated.

With enhanced skillset requirements, different revenue models, evolved sales organisation structures and new remuneration and incentive models, there is a dramatic shift in how HR supports an evolving salesforce.

In the financial services industry, how do sales organisations deal with challenges to distribution models and compete with innovative fintech start-ups? What impact does this have on revenue models and approaches to capability assessment, role design and incentives?

In the social and disability services industry, how are business models evolving to support customer acquisition without impacting service delivery – and what effect does this have on HR?

This white paper outlines some of the new challenges facing sales professionals in this rapidly changing marketplace, while taking a deeper look at how HR is helping deal with disruptions to sales models in these two large industries.