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2016 Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing

Throughout the history of Aon’s Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing reports, we have seen significant changes in the focus areas for employers.

A dozen years ago we saw that employers were concentrating on increasing employees’ perception of their retirement plan’s value. Then, as the dust was settling from the upheaval of the financial crisis, employers focused on mitigating risk and assessing the appropriateness of their retirement plan designs.

Now, we are on the verge of a tipping point. In 2016 we expect to see a marked shift in how employers are helping employees gain a solid financial footing.

  • Employers are offering employees a bevy of tools and services to improve financial wellbeing.
  • Employers are providing more assistance to baby boomers to help them navigate the retirement process.
Top 3 tools offered at the beginning of 2016

Aon’s Hot Topics in Retirement and Financial Wellbeing is a US-led annual benchmarking report that examines the financial wellbeing focus areas for employers in the upcoming year. The 2016 version marks the 12th instalment of the report and is based on survey responses from over 250 employers covering nearly 7 million employees.

By looking at the trends shown in this report, employers can help benchmark their offerings against those of other companies and help craft employee financial wellbeing solutions to align with their overall objectives.



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