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Resources Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Report (Australasia)

The Resource Industry Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Report (Australasia) covers the metalliferous and other mining sectors, engineering and construction sector, the coal mining sector and remuneration disclosed in annual reports.   This report provides organisations with comprehensive and robust data and analyses of the remuneration associated in these sectors relating to; Non-Executive Chairman, Deputy Chairman/Lead Director, Non-Executive Directors.

For this cycle (December 2018), data has been sourced for a total of 62 ASX listed organisations across the Australian Resources industry. The findings presented are based on remuneration information of 55 Chairmen, 8 Deputy Chairmen/Lead Directors and 218 Non-Executive Directors. 

The Resource Industry Non-Executive Directors Remuneration Report is produced annually in December.


$4,000 + GST.

Note: this survey is complimentary to those organisations that participate in our resource surveys and who provide data to this survey.

Key features of the survey

Key features of the survey include:

  • summary table of data: market data on remuneration paid and presented by base salary, fixed remuneration and actual annual remuneration paid to each of the NED positions
  • remuneration relativities: we examine the relationships between organisational size variables and remuneration components received
  • market movements: salary increases provided by this sector during the past 12 months for each position
  • committee fees: covering the most common types and payments received