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Workforce Mindset™ Study

We know that the employment landscape is shifting – employee trust is at an all-time low, employee engagement remains flat and generational differences prevail. In fact, more than one in three employees are looking to switch jobs in the next year and nearly half of all millennials expect to do so. Baby boomers, one of the largest employee segments, are among the least engaged.

What is really on the minds of your employees when it comes to the employment experience?

In Aon's Workforce Mindset Study we examined this question and looked to discover what really matters to employees by different demographics – and what you can do to deliver a compelling experience. A diverse group of over 2,500 US employees working in companies that have at least 1,000 employees completed the comprehensive survey.

This key findings in this report answers three critical questions that help define the overall employment experience from the employee perspective:

Aon Hewitt Workforce Mindset study - what differentiates?
Aon Hewitt Workforce Mindset study - what rewards?
Aon Hewitt Workforce Mindset study - what communicates?

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