Employee wellbeing programs

Employee wellbeing programs

In a competitive global economy, organisations are under more pressure than ever to perform at a high level. The push to get ahead and stay ahead is taking its toll on employees – working longer days, emailing after hours and taking fewer holidays. Without the proper frameworks in place, a constant high performance culture aimed at increasing productivity and profitability actually poses the risk of decreasing both, resulting in a workforce that’s not just disengaged but also stressed, burnt out and not performing at their optimum.

Along with an aging workforce and societal lifestyle issues such as lack of exercise and unhealthy eating habits, this means there is a significant cost both to individuals and their employers.

While many organisations have begun implementing strategies and activities to improve the wellbeing of their people – whether looking at mental health, diet or exercise – oftentimes, executives find themselves at a loss when it comes to identifying and implementing the activities that will really make a difference.

How can Aon help?

At Aon, we help companies to understand the key people risks facing their organisation. Conducting deep analysis of data from claims and related sources, we work hand-in-hand with companies to design and implement wellbeing plans that will directly address these identified risks. These plans will always inform broking decisions, as we look to identify and confirm providers that will buy-in to the wellbeing plan, and are equally vested in the wellbeing initiatives.

With a focus on activities that can positively impact results, we also continue to measure the improvement of an organisation via their claims profile, and address the sustainability of premiums with carriers as a result. Not only does this lead to organisational stability, as well as greater productivity and profitability – but most importantly, the improved overall wellbeing of their people.

As we are all well aware, overall wellbeing needs to take a more holistic view, and organisations must take an integrated approach in supporting employees in their health, wealth and careers. By being proactive in adopting risk intervention strategies and getting the help they need, workplace wellness issues can be mitigated before they arise.

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