Can you ensure the integrity of your online assessment process?

Today’s online assessments are generally completed in an unsupervised environment.

Although this is convenient for candidates and employers, it creates a new challenge.

How can talent managers ensure that the person completing a virtual assessment is the person who was invited to do so?

Hiring the wrong candidate has far-reaching implications for your organisation; including potentially negative consequences for existing employees and customers.

Aon’s virtual proctoring solution provides more insight into the integrity of online assessment results, so you can confidently hire the right person for the role.

Using Aon’s trusted virtual proctoring technology, recruiters can confirm whether it was the same individual who completed all aspects of an online assessment – and also spot candidates who may be accessing other websites during the assessment.


Benefits of virtual proctoring

Trust the Integrity and Authenticity of Assessment Results

Confirm that the candidate who completes the assessment is the person you intended to assess. It means that you can be sure of the robustness and integrity of the assessment scores.

Reduce Risk of Cheating

Candidates are aware that the selection process is being monitored. They cannot ask someone else to complete the assessment or use resources they are not permitted to access.

Demonstrate Brand-Supporting Fair Practice

Virtual proctoring sends a clear message to candidates and potential applicants of your commitment to fairness and equity throughout the hiring process.

Boost Candidate Confidence in the Process

Candidates are confident that other candidates cannot cheat in the assessment process. It reinforces the fairness of your selection process.


How it works

market entryConsent

Candidates are asked to consent to being proctored during the assessment.

market entryReference

Once they agree, a reference photo is captured.

market entryProtecting

Further photos are captured throughout the assessment.

market entryRating

The system identifies any inconsistencies or discrepancies between photos.

Virtual proctoring is particularly suitable for high-volume recruiting contexts, such as Graduate / Early Careers selection.

To learn more about facilitating a robust and authentic assessment process, contact us.