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Relevant and accurate remuneration data is vital in ensuring your company has an advantage in a highly competitive and often volatile marketplace. Staying aware of movements and trends in market remuneration ensures your reward strategies simultaneously meet business needs, helping you attract and retain top talent while optimising reward spend.

Market-relevant remuneration reports for your industry

We conduct in-depth remuneration studies across an expansive range of industry sectors. The resulting reports comprise of up-to-date qualitative and quantitative data, allowing you to make strategic business and remuneration decisions.

Benchmark and know where you stand

Remuneration benchmarking can assist you to gain a clearer understanding of your organisation's market position and the competitiveness of employees' remuneration and benefits packages. Together with your robust reward strategy, the intelligence provided within an Aon remuneration benchmarking report enables you to cost your remuneration approach and allows you to move your organisation to a competitive position against your target market. This will contribute to cost management and business profitability and assist with attracting, retaining and motivating talented employees.

Unbiased, comprehensive executive data

There has been an increasing demand for specialised executive remuneration data that goes beyond the CEO and their direct reports. Our Major Company Executive Data Service (MCEDS), for companies with a minimum annual revenue of AUD$1 billion, and our McDonald Surveys, with over 200 companies across the mining and resources sectors, provides unbiased, comprehensive data for over 3,500 individual executives in over 10 job functions.

Access Aon's wealth of data

Aon's Data Centre is online software designed to provide you with access to remuneration survey data reports, allowing participants to further filter and analyse survey data by industry, location, organisation size and other key metrics. Data Centre allows users to download report data to MS Excel for further analysis and manipulation. Aon survey subscribers can access Data Centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any location with an internet connection.

Make informed remuneration decisions

Subscribe to an Aon remuneration report and reap the benefits many times over in savings on unnecessary salary expenditure. As an Aon remuneration report subscriber you will be able to base your remuneration decisions on the very latest market data.

You'll receive:

  • online remuneration data through Data Centre, filtered according to your specific needs
  • comprehensive data on all the major elements of the remuneration package - salary, benefits, short and long-term incentives
  • industry-specific reward information where relevant, such as the mining and resources sector where the McDonald surveys provide details and analysis on rosters, allowances, contractor rates etc
  • 12-month coverage of actual salary movements and forecasts for the coming year
  • career levels information that provides separate remuneration data for each job family which can be used to enhance job matching, or as an alternative source of data for non-standard positions
  • invites to attend remuneration forums, connecting industry and HR professionals while learning more about industry trends
  • economic commentary containing a summary of general trends, up-to-date national and global economic indicators and job vacancy data.

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