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Life Insurance & Superannuation Industries Remuneration Report (Australia)

Whether it is convergence or the challenges that come with regulatory scrutiny, the Life Insurance & Superannuation Industry is undoubtedly dynamic. Which is why it’s now more important than ever that organisations in this industry stay well aware of remuneration trends. Looking at evolving practices in remuneration and shifting incentive structures, it is critical to stay abreast of the shifting employee landscape.

As the only source of market data for life insurers in the Australian market, Aon helps to provide organisations with these market-leading insights to help drive their decisions. As executives seek to attract and retain the best in the business, this Remuneration Report provides the data to make it possible.

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Complete Remuneration Intelligence

All Aon surveys are designed to help decision-makers set pay with confidence across numerous rewards elements. Key remuneration details available include:

  • Base Salary
  • Superannuation
  • Benefits (cars, insurance, other benefits etc.)
  • Fixed Remuneration
  • Target and Actual Variable Pay broken down into Incentive/Commission/Bonus
  • Target Annual Remuneration
  • Allowances for overtime, on-call/standby, shift

Hundreds of Jobs Available

Our team is exclusively focused on supporting companies operating in highly-competitive markets for talent. The Life Insurance & Superannuation Remuneration Report includes the following key job families:

  • Claims
  • Underwriting
  • Actuarial and Pricing
  • Sales
  • Wealth management
  • Investment management

Key Survey Features

When you participate in an Aon Remuneration Report, you gain access to numerous standard and custom reporting tools, all of which are updated with new data upon each release either annually or bi-annually, as well as a host of additional benefits. Features include:

  • Online, 24/7 access to survey results through Aon’s renowned, market-leading Data Centre. The functionality allows for: filtering of survey data, combining market filters (such as revenue and industry); unlimited peer cuts; ageing data; reports showing your position to market; non-standard percentile calculations; custom/combined positions; position descriptions and bulk data.
  • Comprehensive coverage, with data on all major elements of the remuneration package; salary, benefits and both short and long-term incentives, as well as historical coverage of actual salary movements (with reports from the past five years available) and forecasts for the coming year.
  • Invitation to participate in other qualitative reports that provide access to quantitative and qualitative information, supporting the review and design of total reward programs.
  • The option to submit data once a year at a time that suits you, with a single data capture document, as well as the support of a dedicated remuneration analyst, who can assist with submitting your data and interpreting report results.
  • Invitation to remuneration forum that allows for robust discussions and the critical evaluation of data findings and market trends, while networking with industry peers.


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