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HR Policy & Practice Report New Zealand

In today's economy, it's essential organisations are maximising the value of their reward investment to maintain a competitive edge. Understanding total reward policy and practices will support organisations in determining programs that drive increased productivity and employee engagement.

Aon's annual HR Policy and Practice Report provides you with up-to-date data and insights into market practices for total rewards programs. This critical report provides:

  • insights into how organisations are structuring remuneration programs to differentiate and reward performance
  • insights into the design and delivery of various remuneration, benefits and HR policies and practices
  • information on market practice for critical remuneration and benefit items.

In the current HR Policy and Practice Report the following sections are covered:

  • remuneration strategy and business objectives
  • workforce analytics including staffing ratios
  • remuneration budgets, increases and pay for performance
  • variable reward
  • attraction, retention and work-life balance
  • kiwisaver and superannuation
  • vehicles
  • reward communication.

All Aon survey subscribers are offered the opportunity to contribute data to this report – upon contribution, results are available at no extra charge. Non-contributors and non-subscribers are able to purchase a copy of the report.

Participating organisations

The 2017 New Zealand HR Policy and Practice Report is based on responses from 45 organisations.

View the complete list of participating organisations.

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