JobLink™ is Aon’s market leading job evaluation tool, developed to directly address the need for a new, modern job evaluation system to accurately assess relative job sizes of roles within organisations.

JobLink™ identifies factors that can capture how modern day roles are differentiated in their application of knowledge, span of authority and connectedness to other parts of the organisation on a global or local level.

Roles are measured on the basis of:

  • the knowledge necessary to adequately perform a role and how that knowledge needs to be applied
  • the degree of problem solving and innovation required
  • the nature of interaction
  • the impact a role has on the immediate surrounds and the organisation
  • the accountability the role holds

JobLink™ is also a valuable tool to underpin a structure to support:

  • remuneration setting
  • career progression
  • performance management
  • workforce planning
  • competency frameworks
  • incentive design and values
  • multi-divisional or business unit


JobLink™ is linked to Aon’s extensive remuneration database, the largest in the country

Paylines are the key to linking internal roles to the external market. Utilising our database, Aon can generate bespoke paylines to ensure your organisation is comparing itself with like organisations when benchmarking.

We’ll support you

Aon provides extensive training in JobLink™ for you and your colleagues. We support users of JobLink™ through annual audits and on-site job analysis. We also use JobLink™ in our consulting to clients as an alternative to benchmarking, to link internal roles to the external market.

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